Cristobal Tea Pot by Raynaud Porcelain

Trimmed in real gold, strutting it's stuff in coral, you know the feeling when you see something and you just connect to it somehow, like it was always meant to be yours? Maybe this dates back to my mother singing me the "I'm a little tea pot" song, but when I recently came across this tea pot in Domino magazine, I felt that pull, that inner longing, the feeling that soon I'd be throwing down the plastic and charging at full speed. "It can't be over $100", I thought typing in the URL faster than my husband can say, "Honey, no! no!". My little tea pot appeared before me, in full color. Gulp. $346.00 plus s+h. Being the frugal fuddy-dud that I am, I googled it and discovered that an eBay store,"Heritage House Tableware" has 5 left for $276.80 each; quite a savings! Will I be tempted? Nah. I keep telling myself, if I can find it for under $200, I'll buy it. Stop laughing, I'm serious. You know, the more I think about it, this little tea pot does need a home, and I do consume tea on a daily basis so it's perfectly justifiable when my husband sees the charge on our statement. Should I do it?