Sprout Home

Repeat after me three times, "There's no place like home!" Like Dorothy, you'll be dreaming of home when you shop at Sprout, outfitting your space with quality, affordable, and uber chic items that Sprout is known for. If I lived in Chicago, I'd have a total addiction to this place because it's so perfectly in tune with my style and budget.

From clocks, to shower curtains ($33, hellloo!), glassware to lamps, Sprout has you covered. Turn your blah bathroom into a spa haven with a little paint and a yummy chocolate/cream contemporary shower curtain. Add a splash of color to your office with a sexy little orange mid-century style lamp or some flock wall decals. Whether you want to whimsy up your home, or give it a natural Zen touch, Sprout has what you need to create the atmosphere that fits your lifestyle with prices equally appealing. With Sprout, there's truly no place like home. Your home.

(photo: Carrot/Snowflake Accent Lamp $63.75, Flock wall decals in Tangerine $45, Galaxy Coaster Set $11, Barcelona dinner plate $10, Brass Sunburst clock $120, and Crest shower curtain $33)