Just when you think you've found THE best design website ever, with products you're completely infatuated with, you discover there's about 10,000 more waiting for your business. So many fish in the sea... However, I just found an even better lover than before, m?Ximo. It just can't get any better than m?Ximo, but don't take my humble opinion, run to your nearest browser and see for yourself. Based in beautiful Albuquerque, m?Ximo features colorful design and art objects from Alexander Calder, Alexander Girard and Marilyn Neuhart. You may recognize Alexander Girard if you're a Kate Spade fan, he designed the festive sun print featured on many of her handbags, and recently started working with Jack Spade on bags featured under his label. You'll also find hand-woven modern tapestries by Alexander Calder and whimsical hand-embroidered dolls by Marilyn Neuhart. With an assortment of design products, m?Ximo delivers beautiful home design packaged in nothing but sunshine and good karma. If you love mid-century design and bursts of color in your home (think Tricia Guild), consider m?Ximo as a potential new boyfriend. He may be your best online lover yet. (photo: Girard collection of throw pillows, assorted.)