Michelle Caplan

If you're not frequenting eBay for art, please tell me why, and then change that immediately. (Sorry, that sounded like Marcus Brewer's mom on, "About a Boy", or maybe even your mom.) But seriously gang, I can't tell you how many talented self-representing artists on eBay need our love and support. Okay, I will tell you. These amazing people inhale toxic fumes and ruin many an American Apparel T-shirt, all in the name of love (first) and passion (second), and okay, money (but a far third). Artists are your friends. Support them. Sure, you'll never see a Chagall on my wall (mostly because I can't afford one), but you will spot a few artists like Michelle Caplan displayed proudly in my space. Seeing someone else express themselves in a way that is totally relatable and moving, that's the ultimate high. Yes, we all purchase things that speak to us. Starbucks, for instance. I swear lattes call my name every time. That groovy new plasma spoke to you, your cute new puppy, that iPod case. Art, however, speaks on a different level than mass-produced toys (love my toys, thank you very much, but still...) There's nothing quite like the experience of looking at something another person created and seeing yourself in it. Not a mirror, silly. A collage, a photo, a painting... What I mean is, and I'll get to the point eventually so stay with me, is that most of us can create stuff to hang on our walls, but when we see work that another person put their heart into and feel emotionally touched by it, that's a major non-verbal interaction with another human being and is amazing to me. Artists put their most intimate feelings out there creating genuine connections with others, without words. Beautiful. That's how I felt when I first spotted Michelle Caplan's, "Helga". I now own Helga, and I'm debating whether to have her framed in Birch with a 1 3/4" deep frame and a 1/2" border around the actual piece (your thoughts?). I can't tell you what I paid, since price varies according to complexity and size, but you can easily pick up a 24" x 24" Michelle Caplan collage for under $500; some smaller pieces as low as $100. In addition to Helga, I now own "Caitlyn", which I purchased just today. I can't wait to see it, I'm so excited. Michelle will even commission something using your photos, transforming the finished piece into fun cards and paperweights,too. There's a great article about her in Hoboeye, and of course, here's her website. She also sells prints (less investment than her work on canvas), paperweights, t-shirts, stationary, and some really cool throw pillows on CafePress. Enjoy! (photos: TOP "helga", BELOW: michelle's space + "caitlyn")