Hable Construction

I have to write about the Hable Construction girls. In my opinion, they're both the best thing since french toast, Paris in the summer, and jeans that make your butt look good. I'm not exactly sure how they moved to NYC and became these amazing textile artists, but they did it and not only do they rock when it comes to textile design, but they rock it out so we can all take part in purchasing. They design bags, pillows (wool felt applique, linen, jacquards, canvas) throws, fabric by the yard, stretched canvases; too many to mention so I'll just let you drool as you surf their site. The best part, they refresh their line each Spring and Fall, so there's always new goodies that you can save up for. My next purchase will be a Hable felt pillow. I'm just not sure which one to select, they must have 50+ cute styles. If you want to learn more about Hable Construction, or view my latest obsession in felt, click here. By the way, I am quite serious when I say that I have to save for a mere pillow, but after you see them, you may understand why they're must-haves and worth every tall latte mocha you have to sacrifice to own one.