Apartment Therapy, Scha-wing!

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!" - decor8
I bow and express major thankage to Alec, the Editor of Apartment Therapy LA for featuring decor8 on their amazing design website. When I first saw the write-up (Jan 11), I was a bit taken back since my blog just got off the ground a few days prior. "Ex-squeeze me?", I thought. I had no idea anyone even read it yet, much less the Apartment Therapy guys. I was blown away by such a wonderful welcome, and Alec's shout out to the Apartment Therapy community about decor8 drove a ton of traffic and emails my way, so again, many thanks to them for helping put me on the blog map. I've added them to my links in the left column under, "blog your brains out".

Here's what they said:

We just got news of a new design blog out of Boston called decor8 and wanted to say, ?Go pahk ya cah in Havahd yahd!? which is our hometown way of saying, ?welcome to the community!?

The blog is run by decor8Holly who has a good eye for brightly colored and super usable furnishings. Each post comes with it?s own little essay, which allows the viewer to understand not only Holly?s taste, but her views and opinions as well. We are sure we will be slinking our New England blog sister often!

Good luck!

- alec