The Container Store

Did you watch Will & Grace live tonight? At Karen's wacky birthday party, Will fussed over how much he loves to pickle food yet no one appreciates all the work he suffers to do it (a guest spit his pickled shrimp out behind the fireplace screen, ut oh). He mentioned having to locate a barrel for the pickling process, and how amazingly hard it is to buy a barrel these days. Along these lines, he then added, "I'd go to Crate & Barrel to buy a barrel, but of course, they don't carry those, and they certainly don't carry crates either. Remind me to tell them the next time they decide to open a store, they should just name it ottomans + wicker crap!". It was quite funny, especially since he is such a drama queen. But, the whole thing got me thinking, why would you name a store after items you don't even sell? (Maybe because everything comes from China in either a crate or a barrel, perhaps?)

Then, enter The Container Store. They actually sell containers (who'd have thunk it?) of all shapes and sizes, colors and errr....languages! Check out this fresh buy. It's called, "Translations" , a bright wastebasket covered with genuine Japanese newspapers - each one is truly one-of-a-kind. For $24.99, can you pass it by? There's also a magnent board, to boot. Wait, do you hear that? A song coming on... "I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so!"

The Container Store seems to stock every possible container that you'll ever need in life, outside of a casket. Heck, I bet they even have crates and barrels for our poor friend, Will. Gosh, he was in such a pickle. (Photos: TOP: translation wastebasket, BELOW: translation magnent board)