(I sing), "Conjunction, junction, what's your funktion?" (now you reply), "funky cute things with a retro feelin'..."

Fresh find alert! (good voice, by the way)

Two textile designers meet up at a gift show. They hit if off and decide to become a couple who design really cute things out of Woodland Hills, CA. They pump out amazingly adorable retro-fabulous linen-things under the label, Funktion. They receive mucho presso from leading glossies. d:8 discovers them, which leads to you making a purchase. Score! More retro-fun for your home! (Maybe now, with a fashionable apron, you'll be inspired to cook, girlfriend. There's more to life than Gung-Ho's take-out).

At Funktion, you'll find things for your kitchen like dish towels + aprons, along with some baby goodies, hammocks, beach mats... I could go on forever, or you can simply check out Tara and Dave's company, Funktion, and see for yourself. (Photos: Frilly Apron $33, Orange Swirly Bird Dish Towels $26)