Thomas Paul

Silhouettes are everywhere. Target has silhouette folders in the $1 section. Craft stores sell "make it yourself" silhouette kits. Designers seem to have at least one silhouette hanging somewhere in thier home or office (at least according to Domino). But c'mon, is this silhouette thing really worth jumping on the trend wagon for? You tell me. I personally like it, but in very small doses. I wouldn't have it all over my space, but I think the Thomas Paul silhouette luxe reversible silk + wool pillow could work for me. One of these on my sofa, would give just the right touch of trend without sending guests into the kitchen saying, "Did you see all those weird pillows, has Holly lost her mind?". I think it would be safe to sprinkle one of these pillows in a room. They're just sugar + spice + everything nice, without being annoying + bold + over-the-top. It measures 18x18" and is available in red, black, cream, orange, aqua, and green color combinations. I found this one on the Velocity Art + Design website for $80, but you may find something like it for less elsewhere, and if you do, let us know!