Post Modern Pets

Dear Master,

I've had it. Ever since you rolled in with your new cat, "Princess", your interest in me went from sixty to zero in two seconds flat.

What happened to the long walks and toy surprises? My personal breaking point was when you gave Princess the foot-of-the-bed, where I once slept. Don't you understand how neglected I feel? All I can think about is hurting the cat while you're at work. I'm not myself anymore. Please remember that I was once your prized pooch.

- Sparky

It's clearly time to gift your dog.

Contact the guys over at PostModern Pets ASAP. From swank dog beds to fun toys and dog dinnerware, Sparky will know you really do care. The "Dxg Bxne", designed by Industrial Designer Karim Rashid, is destined to become his prized possession for only $14. You could also present him with, "Henri", the plush microsuede squeaky toy available in 3 sizes and 3 colors priced between $14-$22. Go all out with the, "Rollerbed" that resembles something from West Elm with two lockable wheels, on sale now for $99 (was $245). If you have the cash, the, "Haus Dog Crate", is an ultra chic side table/dog crate priced at $369 for a small crate,
and $499 for a large. Post Modern Pets even has cool stuff for rabbits, birds, fish, and cats, too - but I'd postpone buying anything for Princess until Sparky is over this whole neglect thing.

Even a dog doesn't deserve to be treated like one.

(Photos: BOTTOM: "Haus Dog Crate", "Dxg Bxne", "Rollerbed", and "Henri". Photos courtesy of Post Modern Pets.)