SHOW [and tell!]

I have a secret. Promise to tell all of your friends.

I recently spoke to Brad Cook at SHOW [LA] who revealed that they will be featured in the March issues of Domino and Architectural Digest. Can you stand it? I can't wait, as both magazines top my favorites list and SHOW has great merchandise. If you've ever had the privilege of speaking with Brad, you'd absolutely love him and would share my happiness knowing that SHOW is is soon to get some major press action from the big boy glossies. In case you don't know SHOW, they're an uber hip shop in LA that carries everything a design junky would need to add a little frosting to their space. From lighting, to furniture, their stuff completely rocks. I know I'm gushing, but I love thier home accessories by designers hip haven, igr, urbana design, john derian, and cereal art, along with many other fresh gems. Jewelry, handbags, and wallets (great Jack Space merch) are also available for you to get your retail fix on, too.

Best of all, if you're looking to purchase something you see on their website, and need some help, you can dial them up for service that beats any shopping cart. Brad will fully accommodate your request and even email photos of the merchandise to you. Who does that nowadays? Take these amazing mixed media pillows by Soft Service, for example. I called with an interest in them, and Brad answered all of my questions and offered to photograph his current inventory. He nicely arranged them all together and sent me a photo el pronto!

Note: decor8 usually features stores that have shopping carts (since readers live all over the USA and beyond), but SHOW is worth making an exception for because you can call and order over the phone with 100% friendly conversation + undivided attention. Even better than a shopping cart.)

Look for SHOW in the March issue of Domino magazine and Architectual Digest. Congratulations, Brad!

SHOW 'nuff.

(Photos: TOP: SHOW storefront. BOTTOM: Soft Service pillows, available at SHOW. Photos courtesy of SHOW and Brad Cook.)