IKEA [fresh new finds]

In the midst of sawdust, scattered tools, and very stressed out contractors stomping around my pad in dirty snow boots (shame!), I'm busy laying out paint swatches, fabrics, and cruising every website imaginable for furniture and accessories. Call me big picture.

Expectation: A tiny project of turning a three season porch into an art studio space/home office/guest bedroom would go quickly and flawlessly.

Reality: Harsh. My entire abode has morphed into a bermuda triangle of all things unclean. It's a 24/7 construction site, with construction debris all over (I found insulation in my shower drain, of all places) and more eff words flying around than a DeNiro film. My floors are wet from snow. The sounds of hammers fill my day. There's no end date in sight. But I'm keepin' the faith. To quote Samuel Butler, "You can do very little with faith, but you can do nothing without it".

As most of us know, having faith in our space always leads to shopping, and shopping almost always leads to IKEA. You can bet that I'm dreaming of the day when I can find a Billy or a Motiv or a Nordmyra in my space instead of a construction crew.

You have to check out IKEA's juicy finds for Spring. My personal picks are: "Nordmyra", a pretty blue seat with birch for $34.99, the, "Bettan Blom" pillow for $7.99, "Hallaryd" art for $59.99, "Bettan Trad" curtain panel for $9.99, and a killer chair, "PS Axvall" for $89.99 (looks like something from Design Within Reach). For glasses, don't miss the sharp little cork/glass Paroll for $2.99 (could also double as a fun pencil cup; add felt to the bottom interior of the glass and circular felt pads to the exterior bottom), the Komedit glass for $8.99 (resembles red blood cells, yes?), and the very mod little Komedit cocktail glass in orange for only $7.99.

(Photos: TOP + BOTTOM: Assorted product shots from IKEA USA. All items linked above.)