Who hasn't dreamt of grabbing a guitar and strummin' away on stage before a crowd of people, singing your foolish heart out? Swollen lyrics stimulating a crowd of thousands. Everyone relating to your words of love gone amazingly wrong. Wearing really cool jeans that make your butt look good with a rockin' t-shirt.

Real life scenario? Dancing around your living room, singing your favorite Jewel song into a hair brush with kiwi your cat looking on, so bored that he resorts to cleaning his paws. Bubble burst. Oh well, despite your lack of stage, talent, and adoring fans, you can still look cute during your home kareoke moments with a lavish rocker girl t-shirt with organic flair from Little By Jenny. Chocosho sells many of her designs on their website, all of which I just love.

I try to stick to home design, but Jenny's nature inspired graphics with an industrial edge really flick my switch. I found them online at Chocosho, along with this adorable calendar by nicole g , and this quirky little smoggy mountain cardboard atomic bonzai kit ($22), perfect for those without a green thumb.

(photos from chocosho)