I should've stayed in bed today. Perhaps, I should just hang out at the theatre, seeing one matinee show after another, munching popcorn and enjoying a good action flick. Blogger has been totally kicking my butt with errors and such, driving me a bit insane, but I'm determined to still get some fresh posts up for today! Please bear with me. :)

The spring Grandinroad catalog arrived a few days ago, and I finally had a moment to flip through it. I pulled a few random things that I'd enjoy using in my own space, hoping you'll spot something that strikes your fancy, too. The magnetic wall strip organizer, shown above, is a durable alternative to cork - each magnet holds up to 36 pieces of paper. It comes in mint or white and is a decent value at $24. All items shown are available online at Grandinroad.

set of 8 magnets, 4 hooks and 4 engraved words, $24 for all.
organization never looked so good!
leather file totes. $169.
i love these for my workspace at home since i gave up corporate life and all the files cabinets that went with it. these are great and i can carry them from room to room.
rosebud lights. $29
romantic roses will light your way.
reminds me of what you'd see in british or german design magazines.
set of 3 paint touch up kits, $19
touch up your walls without dragging out the big nasty paint can and those stiff brushes.
birch twig nest, $15.
set of 12 glass eggs, $45

creating the sweetest centerpiece for spring, priceless.
create ice centerpieces with impressive do-it-yourself ice molds.
add flowers, beads, food coloring, go crazy!
tip: fill it with ice cream instead of a tealight.

(photos from Grandinroad)