Modern Tots

Rule #1. Do not discredit stores for tots simply because you think there's nothing that would appeal to you, oh childless one. Wrong.

Myth debunker: Modern Tots.

Yes, can use this table simply for it's intended purpose, to gather children around for shaping clay and coloring, or you can use it as a sofa table to gather around a tray of raspberry martinis. The spiral two-tone bamboo and resin pattern is oh-so-chic.

boopop table by moxbox, $1,995.

rabbit and frog radios, $7
tuning into the child within?
giant ugly dolls for all ages! $595.
6 feet tall. also available, the standard size $20 uglies.
big bang lighting for your bedroom, maybe? $68
no pun intended.

(top photo, robotcup. Yup. This ones for the real kiddies.)