Inleaf Sample Sale

Lotta Helleberg, a Swedish native and graphic designer based in Charlottesville, VA founded Inleaf in 2003. Based on her passion for botany, gardening and sewing, Lotta coats leaves and other plant material in fabric paint and presses them onto dyed linen or paper to make tablecloths and napkins, pillows, table runners, handbags, sachets and stationery. I'm sure you've spotted her lovely collection at elsewares, but did you know that Inleaf has a sample sale page on thier website where you can save up to 30% on select items? Worth your time to check it out!

If you're ever in beautiful Charlottesville (a small city on my list this year to visit), you can find Inleaf items at The Barn Swallow located in a picturesque 1800s barn just west of Charlottesville, Virginia.

(photos from elsewares + inleaf)