Just in! New treasures from Branch!

Eco-friendly recycled paper table where your current reading materials complete
the form. Handmade by Matt Gagnon Studio, Brooklyn, NY. Made of Homasote (100% post-consumer recycled paper board), bolts, finish of linseed oil. $2,940.00 + free shipping. A little pricey, I know, but quite interesting nonetheless.
Fresh from Transylvania, Romania (bet you don't hear that often), this bold red and white embroidered pillow is a classic design gone mod vs. mad. Dracula approved since he's a big fan of red. Handmade of natural materials using vintage fabric, hemp and cotton. Natural feather and down filling. $98
Kids? What kids? I want this owl backpack, handmade using natural wool yarn by artisans in rural Kenya. This hand-knit backpack is perfect for carrying a set of jammies and your hello kitty (or power rangers) toothbrush for a sleepover. Not yours, silly. Your cute little spawn. Hoot hoot! So cute! $54
While you're packing your sleepover kit, don't forget to include this thoughtfully produced cozy child's plaid blanket designed by Tina Ratzer, handmade in Denmark with a studio also located in Berlin (on my list to visit this summer!). The blanket is reversible, and in the rectangles where the pattern disappears on one side, the pattern is revealed on the other. It's soft, it's warm, and it's a blanket you'll cherish for years to come. Also a great sofa throw to enjoy with your honey! $226 and free shipping.
And...for the ultimate splurge, the piasa room divider, handmade in Mexico and designed by Emiliano Godoy (view his impressive portfolio here). The stunning form of this screen comes from the simplicity of its materials: just wood and cotton rope. Comes in your choice of FSC-certified beech (pictured), maple, or pine, with cotton rope. $5,748.00 + free shipping. Okay...back to the real world (sigh).

(photos from branch)