Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest 2006

Are you following the Apartment Therapy + Design Within Reach Smallest Coolest Apartment contest? I have and it's been a bit overwhelming with all of the entries I've been flipping through. Have you entered? If not, get on it asap! It's a great contest with fantastic prizes. Makes me wish I lived in a small space, that's for sure - I'd love to win a DWR gift certificate - yowser!

So far, my favorite apartment overall is Alison's design to the max, a perfect example of a small space arranged in the best possible way. I love her minimalistic style, very smart. She painted the lovely piece displayed over her bed, which I love since it's a fresh green, quite calming, and blends in very well with the feel of the space as a whole. Sensational - crisp and clean. The lime bed cover is also a good selection, and I like that it's tucked in and uncomplicated. The bookcase divider is also a nice choice, I like that it has slim legs to support it. Many bookcases don't have stylish little legs, so I like that this one does. The mirror leaning against the wall in the living room space is also nice, it appears to have a very slim frame so it almost appears as an entry point to another room. Problem with Alison's entry though is that folks are posting on the boards over at AT that she shouldn't qualify since it was already a design winner in Met Home March '06. I missed that, did you see it?

Loving Christine's airy park view, the architectural details in her living room remind me of a floor-through brownstone that my husband and I looked at last spring. I love the details! I think I like the bones of the space better than anything else, that fireplace takes the cake. Not sure about the placement of the television in her living room though, and I think the sofa is a bit overwhelming to the space, I would have liked to see something a little more compact. I'm still drooling though. Christine has quite the crib!

Rob's apartmequarium (interesting new word, huh?) is located in Portland, OR and also has a nice living room area, I dig the floor to ceiling windows, drool! The bedroom doesn't appeal to me since I'm not a fan of all that fabric around the bed, I can imagine getting completely tangled it in at night and pulling it all down. But back to that living room...drool. I like the wine rack and the paint color in the kitchen, too. The cat watching the fire, although unplanned I'm sure, looks totally sweet!

Do you have any favorites yet? Share, share!!!

(photos: all photos are from apartment therapy.)