Budget Lighting

When it comes to mass-produced faceless production, I'm a Target girl. Okay, sometimes IKEA, depending on what I need at the moment. I don't do Costco, Sam's club or Wal-mart. To me, shopping is based more on the experience and inspiration that I get during the hours spent roaming the aisles than even actual need or price. I prefer the smaller exclusive grocery stores over the super-sized food warehouses. I don't see the point in purchasing paper towels in packs of 50. I don't care about saving money if it means that the experience of the purchase was less than satisfying and I went home stressed-out, burnt-out, and vowing to never return.

However, when it comes to shopping online, I dance to the beat of a different drummer. I'm more interested in finding the best deal on something that I really need. Take Wal-mart for example. They are trying to appeal more to the urban-minded online shopping crew by offering more modern accessories for the home. For those of us that enjoy a good budget find online, these Wal-mart lamps may interest you. My choices: the Kiss lamps in white or blue, the paper wood like veneer lamp (first spotted on its (k)notwood), and the Nydia glass lamp with the textured cream shade. All are available online.

(images from Wal-mart)