Farmers' Market Guide

Spring weather inspires me to eat healthier and live better by purchasing whole foods and establishing a daily exercise routine. We all need to work on ourselves to become more fabulous than we already are, agree!?

What about you? I have the luxury of living between two farms, both with stores that stock whole foods and organic products, so I have no excuse to not eat healthy. But, what about those of us that travel frequently and like to find cheap healthy snacks? If you travel on a budget like I do, you should seriously consider checking out the farmers' market schedule in your destination spot because it introduces you to fresh foods from the region, gives you a chance to mingle with the locals, and you can pop some great on the go snacks into your bag for daytime munching - like nuts, fruit and fresh bread. If you don't travel often, but you do live in a city, you may have heard friends chatting about new markets sprouting in their neighborhoods. If you want to eat healthier and save money all while enjoying a festive open air atmosphere, then you should consider hopping on the whole foods bandwagon yourself. You can start by checking out the Farmers' Market, a website that I'm excited about because it lists farmers' markets held in America, by state, including locations in major cities.

In addition to the Farmers' Market site, you can also pop on over to Local Harvest to locate more fabulous markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area. Local Harvest even has an online shop featuring produce, seeds, grass-fed meats, pies, honey, and many other goodies. I even found beautiful fresh from the farm wool, like these soft and curly longwool locks and the millspun woolen yarns in fabulous seaside colors made from natural sheeps wool.

If you hate green stuff (veggies), don't pass by these markets thinking you'll only find asparagus spears. Most carry fresh cut flowers, spices, meats, dairy products and of course, plenty of fresh fruit. Just remember to wash everything you purchase (don't buy an apple and immediately start munching away), make sure that meats and dairy products are packaged well and on ice, and always watch your wallet/handbag because markets can get quite crowded. Guys: You may want to carry your wallet in a front pocket (never in the back) or in a bag positioned in front of you. Ladies: Make sure you always keep your handbag zipped and wear it either closely to your side beneath your arm or in front of you. Try to avoid using a bag that is difficult or time consuming to open. Afterall, we're shopping ladies - make it easy to grab that cash! I actually tuck cash in the front of my jeans' pocket with a money clip and keep my wallet, credit cards, etc. inside of my zipped bag. That way, I'm not opening and closing my handbag all day and I keep my spending in control. Just some ideas from one professional shopper to another...


(images from Local Harvest)