Sunday Musings...

Happy Sunday!

I'm home enjoying the quiet time of a typical Sunday morning. It's nice to pause and reflect. I spent time chatting with my friend this morning, Katie, who is on her way to Brooklyn and then, down to Philly for a week of having fun with friends. I'm going to miss her, but fortunately, she'll be back soon and we'll be spending time together later this month. She went on a date last night so we had a lot to dish about. She's nearly 27, so she's trying to find a nice person to get serious with. I'd love to see her find someone that makes her happy and who is loyal and loving. Every girl deserves that. After our chat, I listened to a few of my new CDs (I'm in love with Natasha Bedingfield's song, "I Bruise Easily", especially the great video, it's just beautiful, fluid, and I love her Geisha attire in the video.) as I flipped through some magazines. After than, I found myself online reading this great article on the V+A website about wallpaper, I think you'll really enjoy the history lesson. Wouldn't you love to flip through the wallpaper books shown above? They contain wallpaper samples from a pattern book dating between 1837-1844. Drool.

After V+A, I somehow landed on the IKEA page. Question, what do you think about this new Knappa Klover light from IKEA? I really like it, the curves relax me, very pretty. It reminds me of those pinwheels that you blow into as a kid and, of course, clovers. A nice find for $24.99. I'm also feelin' their new Knappa Tulpan floor lamp, it has a great tulip shape for only $49.99, which is a great buy for modern lighting.

I'm heading out now to take a walk in the orchards, I want to find some wildflowers for my kitchen, but first here's a very sweet photo of a visitor I had on my windowsill this morning. I heard the sounds of doves when I awoke and turned my head to see two turtledoves looking in the window at me. Here's one peeking in... Isn't this the cutest?

In case you hadn't noticed, I've added a new link to my 'about' section in the right column that includes a few photos of me and my husband, so check it out if you want to take a peek into my world. The photos featured there were taken within the past 8 months. I got the idea to do a collage from Joy's great blog. The most recent one is in the top left corner, that's what I look like now as in a few days ago. In addition to the 'my world' link, I've also added lots of new shopping links for NH, San Diego, etc. Just look for the *.

Wishing you a really happy Sunday and I'll see you back here tomorrow with more fresh finds, a great selection of design magazines published outside of America that I highly suggest, and of course, lots of design to dish about.

(photos: top: victoria + albert website. middle: ikea bottom: morning doves, Copyright 2006 decor8.)