Kita Usagi

Why do I torture myself with things I can't have? I'm becoming more and more obsessed lately with Japanese crafting, ceramics, fabrics, illustrations and then, I just had to stumble upon this whole world of Japanese crafting magazines and sewing patterns and now, Kita Usagi, this beautiful website featuring an adorable bunny in nearly all of their designs from stationery to teapots. They also stock these gorgeous wood clocks. I can't read any of the text on the site (holding back the tears), but the photos are just adorable that I'm sure you'll enjoy flipping through the site even though we can't have any of it. This is such torture... But I'm bringing all of you down with me! (evil grin).

I'm in contact with Kita Usagi, so I'll let you know if these items are sold in America. Stay tuned... I'll be back with more Japanese goodies!

(images from kita usagi)