Tales from Turnpike House: Saint Etienne and Lora Findlay

I've been listening to Tales from Turnpike House by London-based, sophisticated pop trio Saint Etienne... I love the cover illustration, it's superb and so I had to share it since I know many of you are big on illustration - especially clean modern designs. This cover reminds me of a mid-century modern barbie dream house (smile). Illustrated by Californian Lora Findlay (she is also the illustrator of The Leafy Sea Dragon, too).

By the way, this CD is great... It's brit-pop, girl-group, electronica, 1960's fused together for a great collection of mellow sounds. I can't stop replaying A Good Thing + Lightning Strikes Twice... Very bubbly and upbeat with a touch of London rainy day melancholy.

(image from barnes + noble)