Volstead - London

Picture yourself in London. You and your mates decide to dress to the nines and roll over to this new 20's inspired boutique lounge. Afterall, it's all the rage and a girl like you can't miss a well-designed oasis. With perfect pin curls and a little black frock, you seductively bat faux lashes and flash a smile as you step inside Volstead, scanning the scene. You're oh la la loving it.

Did you see Daily Candy London today? OH DROOL. We so need a place like this in Boston.

Maybe not I, but at least the outrageously free Londoner's get to enjoy the charm of Volstead, a swank new chill-out spot where the roaring 20's is definitely alive and well. Opening today on 9 Swallow Street in London's Mayfair, if you board a plane right now, you'll surely make it in time. If you're fortunate enough to live within a tube ride away, Volstead would make for a nice place to join your friends for an evening of chatter and charm.

Cocktails and conversation aside, I'm dying to check out the design. The website alone whet my appetite and that Daily Candy write-up didn't help either because now I'm fixated on this place. Promise that if you're in London, and you stop by Volstead, that you'll share your thoughts with us? If it's as elegant as their website is, we're all in for a treat.

(image from hahlm.com)