About A Boy: Nicholas Hoult

Bubblelicious! I'm crushing on this fashion blog called Style Bubble. Have you seen it? It's wonderful. Susie is the most creative girl and it shows, from her banner to her posts, everything is a delight. I had to post these photos of little Marcus Brewer from one of my all time favorite movies, About A Boy. Seems as though Marcus, rather Nicholas Hoult, has grown into his bowl haircut. At 6'3" and 16 years old, he is quite the hot boy on campus. Not that I'm lusting for the under 18 set, but I'm sure the 'tween girls are going crazy for him. If you're an About A Boy fan, I'm sure you'll love seeing these photos of Nicholas. Susie has more posted over at her very fantasCHIC blog, Style Bubble.

Speaking of About A Boy, did you catch the interview of Rachel Weisz in the April issue of British Vogue? Stunning photos and a terffic interview - not to miss for Weisz fans!

(images from style bubble)