Justine Smith

decor8 reader, Sky, told me all about this London based artist that she thought I'd like, Justine Smith. Sky was right on the money about that!

Justine Smith has this green theme (not eco-green, we're talking bling bling green) and produces a series of sculptures covered in real money. "At once a visual pun, these works also explore our relationship with that most ubiquitous aspect of life and our responce to it, either in a political, moral or philosophical sense, as well as emphasising the physical beauty of the note." Justine says.

Money aside, she is particularly known for her ongoing series of dog sculptures which are meticulously formed from chicken-wire and plaster. When the sculpture is complete, she collages over it forming one snazzy pup! A dog any landlord couldn't refuse...

In addition to her sculptures, she also creates these beautiful wall-mounted paper contructions that I'm in love with. I can totally see these in my home. She uses paper pieces to form these stunning geometric or swirling silhouettes of birds, insects and in particular butterflies. Swoon!

Thank you again, Sky!

(images from justine smith)