Cookie Magazine Review

Does anyone read Cookie magazine? I'm a huge fan, and I'm not even a parent. I just love this new parenting magazine, and I highly suggest it for anyone really. I like staying current with what's going on in the world of parenting so that when I get there someday, I'm not totally clueless. Plus, it reaches way beyond parenting, including recipes, travel, decor items, and fashion. I have friends with kids, so it also helps me to understand and relate to them better. Often, when you have friends with children, you find yourself unable to identify with a lot of what they talk about. Funny as it sounds, Cookie has helped me 'get' my parenting friends and develop closer bonds because our worlds don't seem so far apart anymore. Having kids doesn't put you on some unknown planet where no one except other parents can relate to you. Great publications, like Cookie, help bridge the gap, or shall I say, make you realize that a gap really doesn't exist between parents and non-parents. It's all about educating yourself and learning to understand and be there for your friends as life changes.

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