Design Competition: Blik Loves Threadless

Blik (wall decal rulers of the world) has teamed up with Threadless (the t-shirt kings - love these guys!) to throw a little competitive spirit out there for all talented designers to just go nuts over. Reading through this contest information perked me up because it sounds like such fun and I'd love to see some of you enter... I know decor8 has a slew of super talented readers that are more than qualified to enter, and even win, this super cool competition (just be sure to enter before June 1, 2006).

Here's the skinny on this phat contest:

Simply design a tee to the theme "Off The Wall". The design can be anything relating to this theme, as long as it adheres to the submission guidelines below and on the "Submit Your Design" page. Make sure your design can stand alone. The purpose is to create a design inspired by the theme "Off The Wall", not a Blik brand tee. The design is not required to say "Off The Wall" on it... In fact, we'd prefer it does not. The winning submission will be chosen by a panel of Judges including Blik staff. The winning design will be converted into a wall graphic, so please keep in mind that vector graphics are best.

Competition Guidelines:
* Winners will be chosen by the Judges within 45 days after the competition end date.
* Use the submission form only
* All submissions will also be eligible for the ongoing Threadless competition.
* The submission must not be a design that has already been submitted to Threadless.
* You may only submit up to three designs during the duration of the competition.

Grand Prize:
* Winning design integrated into Blik product line as a wall graphic
* Design promotion on the Blik website
* Blik pattern pack
* $2000 cash
* $300 Threadless gift certificate
* 12 month Threadless club membership (a $200 value)

So, which one of our decor8 readers is going to walk away with the prize??? :)

Click here to read additional guidelines and to enter.

(images from threadless)