First Digs by Yee-Fan Sun: Book of the Week

After six years of writing on her website, Digs Magazine, Yee-Fan Sun has branched out by releasing First Digs. With so many of you moving around, renting apartments, and living on a budget, I thought you'd benefit from First Digs because Yee-Fan is a true globe-trotting renter herself, just like many of you. She's lived all over the world on a starving student budget while transforming her rental spaces into unique and personable homes. First Digs is our book of the week.

First Digs is a comprehensive handbook that's practical and easy to read, uncluttered with design terms, and best of all, written in a friendly conversational manner. It's a, "home and living guide for the post-college, pre-parenthood, quasi-adult generation," where Yee-Fan compiles her design and decorating knowledge meant especially for those living on a budget with plenty of renter-friendly tips, DIY projects, and helpful illustrations for thoughtfully decorating apartments.

If you'd like to purchase this book, you can find it on Amazon for only $12.97 new or $9.45 used. Click here to purchase.

Don't forget to visit Yee-Fan's decorating website, Digs Magazine. A great read!

(image from amazon)