Jellio - design for the kid in us all!

I'm thrilled that Mario over at Jellio wrote to me, thanks Mario! His online store is so rockin' cute. Take your entire childhood (at least for 80s kids like me) and transform it into design for the home and viola! you've just served up a very delicious mix of color, fun and memories. Lighting that looks so much like a giant gummi bear that you may find yourself licking it when no one is watching (!). Mirrors modeled after your favorite viewmaster, with 14 slots for photos. A rubik's cube table. There are so many ways to trick out your crash pad at Jellio. Maybe it's not your style, but I'm guessing your kids would love it, or perhaps your husband would like a blast from the past in his game room?

I'm feelin' their new Swinger magazine rack, a tribute to the classic barrel of monkeys that I actually use to love to play with. I like the hardwood frame and the brightly painted accents, it's modern and fun. The Plandelabras are their new fluorescent acrylic tribute to the balsa wood gliders from Woolworth's. Soar into style with these whimsical candle holders. Cute!

Did you know that you can schedule a visit to Mario's lower Manhattan studio? Click here for details.

(images from jellio)