Miximals: Playful art for the young at heart!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly Thompson of Miximals at the South End Open Market and fell in love with her work. Colorful, whimsical, charming... All artwork is made of 95% recycled materials and created by Kimberly herself. It's happy! Kimberly meticulously creates these collaged images by using torn paper from magazines, brochures, catalogs, junk mail, to form an adorable animal, from dogs to monkeys. Each is matted in white and framed in a floating clip frame with plexiglass. I saw these in person this past Saturday and was so impressed - when you look at them up close, you see all these beautiful details that make you curious about where these clippings originated and exactly what Kimberly's inspiration was while she created it.

If you'd like to read Kimberly's cute bio, (what a neat background!) or view her happy customers (great idea, Kimberly!), visit her website. You can also order online, too (wink, wink). I know you wanna...

(images from miximals)