Loki Custom Furniture, Boston

While enjoying the South End Open Market this past Saturday in Boston, I spotted a booth that stood out in the crowd featuring modern furniture with very clean straight lines combining wood and metal, all of which instantly appealed to me.

I promptly made a beeline over to see these gorgeous desks and bookcases up close and personal, designed and built by Jamie Cumming of Loki Custom Furniture. While flipping through the Loki portfolio, Jamie came over and introduced himself and we had a nice chat about his designs along with a bit about his background. Seems he had much exposure to welding and furniture making for many years on the west coast, in NYC, and Boston, until a few years back when he decided, "I can do this myself!", and that's when Loki was born. Boston-based, Jamie will customize anything you need according to your specifications, he'll build you a pair of killer sliding steel doors for your swanky city loft or some happenin' cherry wood and perforated steel radiator covers to disguise those unsightly radiators that most older apartments, at least here in the northeast, seem to have lots of. Jamie even custom designs steel window sills for your rockin' pad. How cool is that?

In addition to custom items, Jamie has some pieces that are part of his standard collection, like this sexy yoga bench that I'm absolutely crazy about, along with many others, like this mahogany and steel desk, for instance. His creativity doesn't stop here though. He also loves sculpture, but certainly not anything you'd term typical, click here to view.

To inquire about pricing and to chat with Jamie further, please contact him directly.