South End Open Market Quick Review: Boston

I hung out on Saturday at the festive South End Open Market in Boston's South End, enjoying the beautiful weather and chatting it up various indie designers who had booths there. I'll post some that stood out for me either because I hadn't written about them or heard about them before, or simply due to personal taste.

Overall, the event was really nice, well-organized, easy to navigate, polite shoppers, and an easy going vibe. Booths were arranged with care and most sellers were happy to chat about their product, which I appreciated. I was looking for the mid century modern furniture booth and didn't spot it, so either I missed it or he wasn't there on Saturday. I'll be looking for that booth in the weeks to come! The market had a great deal of handbag and jewelry designers, which was nice for the ladies, and a good assortment of plants and flowers, which I also liked. I discovered a local furniture designer that I had not heard about before, and a South End resident who makes perky prints using torn paper, so I'll get those up here on the blog ASAP.

The South End Open Market runs each Sunday from now until October 29, so if you plan to visit Boston, bookmark this site.

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(image from the south end open market)