decor8 Picks: Favorite Design + Architecture Magazines

Here are some of my favorite design + architecture magazines. I left out the obvious ones, like Elle Decor, Dwell, Domino, Living etc... We all know those are magazine must-haves. Here are some that you may not know about, or you may - but perhaps you didn't think they were worth investigating. If there are any that I've missed, feel free to post your faves below. The magazine post over at AT:Chicago got me to thinking about doing the same for decor8 readers, especially since I told you that I would back in April so I really need to follow through. Hopefully some of you will chime in and share your 'best of' too - you can include magazines that cover art, graphic design, fashion, travel, etc. Okay, let's get started! Here's some of my picks, more magazines to add to your monthly pile. :)

ab - Arch Boston - Boston-based architecture magazine. Excellent articles. I really loved their recent issue, it explored what makes design ugly, unconventional beauty and the effects of ugliness.

Abitare - Italian. Covers architecture around the world in both English and Italian. I enjoy learning about the new projects underway throughout the world, this issue showcases the best of the best.

Atomic Ranch - A mid-century modern lovers dream mag for those splashy ranch homes that we'd all secretly like to own. Lots of green, gold, and orange in this mag. Definite CA style going on. Me likey lots.

Canadian House + Home
- Canadian publication (duh.) Lots of interior eye candy. Great layout. Superb. Helps us keep in step with our neighbors up north. I love their monthly page on Canadian design stores and the many homes that they feature.

Cottage Living - Don't let the word cottage throw you off, these guys feature lots of stunning interiors of all styles. Psst: This month, a former set designer and a wardrobe stylist for That ?70s Show brings their happy style into an easygoing California cottage.

Home Companion - This isn't your crafters-only magazine anymore. It has come a very long way. Totally focused on designers and artists, showcasing their homes, workspaces, etc. Packed with loads of ideas. Somehow, the cover never quite fits the content though. It looks like just another cottage style magazine until you peek inside.

i.d. - Packed with interesting articles. Just the bomb. Period.

Ideal Home - UK based publication that you can count on to deliver great room redos complete with instructions on how they did it, along with lots of design products that are hot in the uk. I like it because it showcases a lot of fresh design that I haven't yet seen in the states. In general, if something is hot in europe, it will eventually make its way over here (i.e. Cath Kidston, someone I've loved for at least 8 years, is finally becoming a beloved textile artist here in the states.

Interior Design - Upscale design. Great magazine to drool over, lots of contemporary designs - although nothing you can actually imagine affording. Helpful nonetheless.

Living at Home - German decor magazine that I really enjoy, although you won't find it in the states, you have to grab a copy on your next trip to the UK, France or Germany - you can find one at kiosks there. Even if you can't read German, it's fun to flip through it - lots of bright happy colors in every issue!

Metropolis - Excellent mag all around. The Martin Pedersen article about Joel Sternfeld's engaging look at experimental communities is a good read. Metropolis talks about a lot of the 'hot' trends in design, not just things they love, but also things they are skeptical about. I like this. It's easy to write about what you love all the time (aka design bloggers), but dishing on topics that make the little hairs stand straight up on the back of your neck because you totally don't like it, quite a feat!

Pop Life - I heart Pop Life. I've been a reader since I saw their first issue hit Barnes + Noble. The layout is stunning and the articles, well-written and interesting. Has a total California vibe to it. The east coaster that I am just loves that.

Real Living - Aussie decor magazine. Packed with design you may not have spotted here in the states (yet). Features a lot of beach front property. Makes one long for the land down under. You'll love their idea on how to 'mood-board' your garden - fun project that will turn anyone into an overnight landscape designer.

All of the above magazines should be available at your local Barnes and Noble with the exception of Living At Home. I feel like I'm missing a few more though...

(images from individual magazines)