coffee + cre8tive {may 25 '06}

I'm so sorry I've been neglecting you guys, I've been crazy busy with a few clients and a website I had to overhaul for a friend (thank goodness for that web design certificate, although I've not done much with it since). I also met up with my pals Lisa and her sister Ellen + Evie. (Ellen and I worked together in the corporate world and both took design classes together - she left the corporate world to have her adorable 6 month old daughter Evie) I commissioned 6 paintings from Lisa and so they came over today to deliver them and chat. After they left, I was quite eager to install them. I snapped a few photos of them up on my wall so that you can take a peek.

These paintings are each 12 x 12, so I installed them so that they'd have 1.75" of breathing space in between each of them. They occupy approximately 39.50" x 25.75" of wall space. I gave Lisa images and all of the colors that I wanted her to incorporate into these paintings, each tells a personal story about my life. You can see chairs in a few of them, a girl that resembles me sitting on a eurostar sipping latte looking out the window, a christian lacroix illustration, shells, and lots of other embedded images that you really have to look for to see.

If you are interested in seeing Lisa's artwork up close and personal, you can make an appointment with her art dealer at Jule's Place located in Boston's South End. To view some of Lisa's paintings, you can visit Jule's Place or Anderson-Soule. Her paintings range between $600 - $6,000 depending on size.

I'm so happy to have her work in my home. These are directly over my dining room table which shares the same space as my kitchen and living room since I have an open concept floor plan in my main living space.

I have a meeting in 5 minutes, so I need to get on a call, but I'll be back with some lovely things I've been saving up to show you. :)

(images copyright decor8 2006)