Boston Lofts - Looking to Buy?

Some decor8 readers seem to be interested in Boston property lately... I've received emails inquiring about the real estate market here and in particular, what lofts are selling for. I thought I'd address these emails with this post, hoping it will point you loft-hunters in the right direction. One of my favorite sites for loft lust is Lofts Boston. They feature both residential sales and rentals, along with commerical loft spaces.

One new loft conversion you may be interested in, that is, if you're lucky enough to have the pocket change to afford real estate in Boston proper, is Lofts Avana in Chinatown. Slated for completion in Spring '07, this brick + concrete building dates back to 1899. It was built to serve the garment industry, but soon to serve the locals providing them with posh living quarters in downtown Boston. Personally, I'm thrilled to see development going on in Chinatown, it's really a great area, but badly in need of a face lift. The building will house 32 loft-style condos, priced between $339,880 and $546,880 with selected units being pre-sold with a 10% reduction (a pre-construction special). Once the big dig is complete, there will be more green space around Chinatown with the new one acre Chinatown/Leather District park near Surface Road, set to be completed this Fall. The park will feature falling water, bamboo groves, and a funky Chinese chessboard pavement designed by May Sun, an artist from California. When I worked on a volunteer clean up project in Chinatown a few years back, we spent days trying to restore what little green space they had left. Since, those green spaces have been developed into high rise buildings. To know a park is soon to come, I'm thrilled!

With a new park going in, along with so many developers looking at the area as potential for retail growth, it's a great time to buy in Chinatown!

(images from lofts boston)