Book of the Week: Creating Vintage Style: Stylish Ideas & Step-by-step Projects

While at Barnes + Noble this weekend, I found a new book I hadn't seen before with a cover that captivated me immediately since Vintage Modern is my favorite design style.

Lucinda Ganderton studied Fine Art Textiles at Goldsmiths College in London, and her work has appeared in numerous publications and leading craft magazines. In her latest book, Creating Vintage Style, Lucinda shows us how we can merge antiques and flea market finds into contemporary spaces creating an eclectic style that mirrors our personality, calling the style, "contemporary vintage" (known in America as "Vintage Modern"). I love books that not only show beautiful spaces, but that include fun projects, and this book offers 12 of them. The book walks you through all the spaces in your home, including my favorite, workrooms. The pages are loaded with drool-worthy photos that are so interesting and packed with things to look at, that you're bound to feel inspired. I'm sure you'll spot something that you'll want to try in your own home. It's like one big Domino magazine. If you'd like to purchase it for only $11.02, click here.

A few photos from my copy that I scanned in for you, a sneak peek...

Page 13 (below). The cool tones of the walls, sofa, mirrors, and ottoman in this textile designer's living room are balanced with an array of bright cushions and throws that reveals her understanding of pattern and color. Love all of these mirrors!

Page 20 (below). One of many projects in this book, this ethereal throw is one of my favorites since it's the perfect blend of vintage modern, combining black leather with romantic white netting. Sooo pretty. This would look even more stunning on rods draped over your bed as a canopy.

Page 80 (below). In this section, the book examines the workrooms of designer's showing that mundane tasks need not be performed in dreary spaces; you can have inviting and appealing places to file and pay bills and patch worn jeans. Also discusses the key elements needed to create your perfect work area.

Purchase this book on amazon for only $11.02, click here.

(images from creating vintage style)