coffee + cre8tive {may 31 '06}

I can't resist, these things are just so cute.... I just love the colors and patterns!

Lovable dolls have reached the shores of the UK from Japan, and these little Unazukin couldn't be sweeter. Unazukin is a small fairy, one that can be spotted dishing the dirt with other Unazukin girls beneath mushrooms in the forest. If you are fortunate enough to come across them on your next hike, pick one up (they don't bite!) and ask little una a question. This petite colorful fairy will offer you her pearls of wisdom. Can she talk? No, for her voice is much to faint to be heard by humans. You have to watch for her shakes and nods, which will lead you on the right path. "Will my boyfriend propose to me next month?", "Will my boss give me a raise?", "Should I spend $300 on a pair of shoes?". Although little girls love Unazukins, as you can see, even big girls like us can benefit from them. Unazukins love to listen (unlike most of your human companions) and they build self-esteem, too. How? They can stare lovingly at you for hours, watching your every move, appreciating everything about you. Find one of your human friends that will appreciate you that much!

Available in 12 different colors and patterns at Bandai. Spotted via Daily Candy London.

(images from bandai)