coffee + cre8tive {june 7 '06}

Blogger ate my last 3 posts, the comments aren't working (2 days of hiccups now) and blogger isn't "talking" to flickr, so there's a few photo issues. Sigh. But, I'm trying peeps, I'm trying!

I have soooo many goodies to post today, so stick around. I'm engrossed in an assignment right now, but I'll be back with a tour of the best design stores in Savannah, a terrific west coast destination, a Brooklyn jewel, an open thread, and lots of creative and inspiring color to chat about.

Here's a wonderful tour of Lisbon to keep you busy... You're going to love this. The folks from the Delicious Days blog have done it again. I envy this woman. Gorgeous blog. Lives in lovely Munich. Travels all over to these fab destinations. She rocks.