Lille Hus - Danish Country Living *new online store

This beautiful email arrived in my inbox today, and rather than write-up my opinion of Alexa and her new online store, I'll just let Alexa speak for herself. Her email sums everything up so nicely, but if you'd like to dig a little deeper, click here. I'm so impressed by her passion for innovative product design and Danish culture, and I'm sure you'll be, too.

"My name is Alexa Aron. I live in Brookyln, NY and I found your blog some time ago through the OhJoy blog. I wanted to introduce myself and invite you to stop by my online shop, Lille Hus. I read decor8 regularly and think my shop would be a really great match for your demographic. Last year, I spent some time living in Denmark, and was so inspired by the home products I saw there (very of few of which were anywhere to be found in the US) and by the Scandinavians? outlook on domestic life that I started my own company upon my return, importing the beautiful wares and trying to promote the Danish philosophy about life at home."

Alexa continues, "The company is called Lille Hus?which means Little House in Danish. Right now, we are just selling online but we are working towards acquiring storefront space in the future?my ultimate dream is to spend my days at my very own little shop in Brooklyn, full of beautiful things and yummy smells and good music (and maybe a dog, too). I just ordered some new products so keep an eye out for them!"

Alexa, your store has a great foundation and your philosophy, "to bring the Scandinavian outlook on domestic life to the US" is a great one. I'm sure decor8 readers will bookmark your site and we all look forward to witnessing your growth and success. Congrats on your new business adventure, we'll be clicking your site often! Thanks so much for writing in.

psst: She has a neat blog, too.
(images from alexa aron)