Anna Sova - Eco-friendly Paint + More!

For those of you who are chemically sensitive, and for others who are just amazingly eco-conscious and desire to work with products that share your philosophy of eco-living, Anna Sova is for you. With gorgeous paint, sensuous silk bedding and draperies, hand finished bamboo hardware, vibrant hand printed cottons, Italian jacquard sheets, and the most luxurious cotton towels, Anna Sova is different from the rest. Her luxuries are all organic, eco-safe, earth and body friendly.

If you'd like a little 'design education', I encourage you to click here and view her various paint collection, categorized according to style. When you click on your style of choice, the color palette appears along with a description at the bottom which summarizes the period that the style gained popularity and various other tidbits of truth. When you browse that section, be sure to comment below with your favorites.

I fancy the Mid Century Modern palette because it is both warm and cool and covers a broad range of hues in various tones, and you can either go bold or soft with the colors in this palette. Although, being a sucker for all color, I tend to like bits of all palettes, but since this is a 'palette', it makes sense that one must choose the entire range of colors shown therein. Let me know what's to your liking.

What colors strike you lately?

(images from anna sova)