Norman and Quaine at Living Edge Studio

When I spotted this brilliantly bold credenza, I had flashbacks to 1950s American television. I just love this storage unit from designers Norman and Quaine.
Not sure if you know much about them, but they're from Australia and both interior designer Katherine Norman and industrial designer Caroline Quaine collaborated in 1989 to form Norman and Quaine. Since, they've been designing furniture with a subtle reference to the proportions and function of mid century modern styles for the Australian market. Their complete collection is available via Living Edge Studio in Sydney and Living Edge in Melbourne.

If you're like me and have no clue how you'd ever order (or pay, these start around $8,500) for something like this, use these photos as design ideas - perhaps you can find a mid century credenza on eBay and with a touch of paint and a really great piece of wallpaper, turn it into a DIY project that resembles something like this design, only on a budget.

I love the green credenza - not sure about the red, I think I'd prefer it in tangy orange, instead. Your thoughts?

(images via living edge studio)