Contemporary Cloth

This isn't a fashion or handbag blog, so I'm not going to start posting about these things on a regular basis. However, sometimes I just spot stuff that moves me, ideas I love, images that push me forward... Since I enjoy sharing with all of you all of these random little bits that I find enjoyable (with hopes that maybe you'll be inspired by them, too), I tend to go off topic now and then with a post that has very little to do with home decor. Okay, so now that my long explanation is out of the way, I'll get to the point of this post. (smile)

Ever since I spotted Sondra Borrie's online fabric store Contemporary Cloth, I've been watching her inventory, making mental notes of what she has in stock in case I need to order something for either myself or a client in the future. It's a great resource (bookmark, people!) for barkcloth, upholstery textiles, cottons and linens.

With my new Amy Butler pattern in hand (Betty Shopper), I'm trying to find the perfect print for constructing the perfect bag. As you know, surfing the net always begins with the intention of finding that one certain something and then, after several hours and two cups of tea and a power bar later, you're not even close to where you began. This is sorta what happened to me this afternoon. I somehow ended up on a blog called clohes-pin and then clicked over to a site she featured called Nepacena, makers of mega functional handbags in chic modern prints with a casual urban appeal. I like these bags because they're not some cute little beaded number that only has room for one tube of lipstick and a few credit cards... These bags are big bags - they can fit everything from cell phones, iPods, day planners, an afternoon snack, flea market finds, a huge bottled water AND that designer pair of shoes you found for 75% off! An oversized bag for an oversized lifestyle. That's what I'm talkin' bout.

As I poked around the Nepacena website, I next spotted the Gabrielle Hobo, and had a major dejavu moment because I felt like I'd see this bag before. Then I realized that it was actually the fabric I identified, and referring back to all those mental notes I told you about earlier, I recalled it was from Contemporary Cloth and it's called Mod Lime Fizz.

Isn't it exciting to see what can become of a piece of cloth? This, my friends, is why I encourage everyone to get creative and take a crack at sewing something. Seeing this bag encouraged me to get crackin' and fire up the sewing machine and create my beautiful betty shopper. The weekend is here... A good time to get started. See why I can justify surfing the net? It can be somewhat productive!

(images from nepacena and contemporary cloth)