Folk Art of Sweden

Have you heard of the Swedish online shopping site, Folk Art? I spotted it on the Husmusen (house mouse) blog today, and I'm certain you'll enjoy checking it out. Folk Art features an array of work from talented designers, ranging from home accessories to fashion and art. With so many represented on the site, I took a moment to look at them all and selected some of my favorites. On the top of the list is IVANAhelsinki, a Finnish design company founded by Paola Suhonen, who combines clear and pure Scandinavian design with a rich slavic style. I'm sure you'll love Paola's creations.

Then there's Maderakka (fashion from Milan - drool!), Eka Wear (hats + accessories), Jytte Hviid (felt brooches), Wallmander (millinary at its finest!), Luckan (tees and such) and Veronica Civa (jewelry).

Next, visit with Sofi Bornheim (textiles + trays), Sense of Pearls (Danish couture), Nyttadesign (fashion accessories), Nanso Lempivaate (more great fashion - love these patterns) and finally, Matilda Pernryd Textiltryck (textiles - lots of crisp clean patterns on bags).

Great site, and with so much to see, you can cha-ching your way into shopping heaven!

(images from folk art)