CB2 Introduces: Gift Registry + Bridal Registry Services

If you're looking for a modern gift registry, CB2 introduces a new registry service for all of those special occasions in your life. But you know what, I actually think you should shower someone regardless of whether or not they've found their soulmate or had a baby, and frankly, I need to vent about this for a second. Have a minute? I'm going to get all Oprah on you.

Okay, so you're getting married - that's swell. I did the gift registry thing myself so I think it's actually a smart move. But, other than marriages and births, can we get a little more interesting and add more reasons to gift people that don't fit into these categories? Some of my friends are still single, and they're moving from one apartment to the next making their futon from college still work. They've slip-covered it, added throw pillows, painted the wood frame... But the bottom line, it's still a beat up futon. When I ask them why they're not investing in some decent furniture, my girl pals comment, "I'm waiting until I find a husband, then we'll make a home together".

Um, excuse me.

I don't subscribe to putting your life on hold until Mr. Right arrives. In some cases, my friends are nearing their 30s and others, are mid 30s, and the knight on the white horse hasn't galloped over yet. With a futon that ugly, I don't blame him.

Personally, I think it's important to get your game on before you get married. Buy some decent furniture. Invest in some cookware. Buy a sofa and send the futon off with your little sister as she heads to college.

"But, I'm broke", you say. At least that's what is coming out of the crowd I roll with. These same girls drop $150 on highlights and $90 on biweekly facials, but cookware? So out of their price range.

Then again, I kind of understand. You must ATTRACT a mate before you can actually get married, thereby earning the right to furnish your space. Oops, I forgot.

Flaunting $150 denim that makes your butt look half its size IS important, I'll give ya that. No one can knock good hair days, either. But, c'mon ladies, spruce up your space and start living like you've already got the man, already. Enjoy your single life in rooms that ooze personality and warmth, happiness, the joy of being single. Live happily amongst decent furniture that you can cherish for years to come. Best part (and take it from a married peep here), if you already own the furniture you love, chances are that you'll bring it with you into marriage. Why is this so great? If you marry a man with no style, or with style that mimics the interior design of a ski lodge or worse, something from a sci-fi flick, you aren't stuck fighting in a furniture store over the chrome and smoked glass coffee table he's insisting on. Getting married THEN selecting furniture isn't the best choice. What you think will be filled with shopping trips in blissed out togetherness could end in divorce or at least, major hatred. If you already have the goods as a single girl, then get married with those goods, your man most likely will not buck you on bringing them with you...

This leads me to the final part of this essay, and then I'll circle back to CB2. If you have a single friend who needs a little apartment TLC, maybe you can help her. I've done it before and you know what, it was one amazing night. Throw a Single Girl Shower!

You can have the single girl of choice register at a place like CB2, send out invitations, serve yummy edibles and have a 'cocktail of the night' - name it something wild after the girl being honored for her single state of mind. Some single girls may feel embarrassed if it's not attached to an actual life event, so if this is the case, shower her when she gets a new apartment or a puppy, for instance. You can use any excuse in the book, but I'm all for showering the single girls, especially since they deserve to be honored for all the craziness they have to endure in the single dating arena and how society pushes on them that they must get married to be 'complete'. You can be just as complete alone, sista... With a great rug, some vases, and a rockin' little sofa to boot.

Shower your friends. The Graduate. The Bride. The Single But Happy Best Friend. The Newly-Divorced (she doesn't want all those memories around - help her start fresh!)
Shower whoever, whenever, however - because we ALL deserve a special event in our honor regardless of whether or not we land a man or have a baby, right?

Click here to shower your friends.

(image from cb2)