Ella Doran

Ella Doran, a beloved household name amongst the British, creates housewares based on her love of strong patterns balanced by clean lines - a bold peony against a white window shade or a bright purple petal against a white teacup, for example.
I first spotted her work last year in Living etc. (British design magazine), and then on design sponge last month, and more recently, in the July issue of Lucky magazine (page 160). She's getting around, so for those of you who don't know Ella, I'm sure you will very soon, mere seconds from now... Here's the link!

psst: Visiting London? Mark this down as a shop to visit. Ella Doran has her flagship store located on 46 Cheshire Street.

Cool fact: Ella Doran made it to the big screen with wares used in the design of Bridget Jones's kitchen.

(image from ella doran)