Design Public Presents Boxer Shelving By Material Furniture

Design Public scouts out some very cleverly designed pieces, and this eco-friendly Boxer Shelving/Room Divider officially takes the cake on peppy + functional modern design that's pro-planet. I'm loving the color options - warm tangy orange and even the cool hues of sea glass. Designed by Material Furniture of Portland, Oregon, a newcomer to the market specializing in furniture that is 'flat pack' style, you can flatten it easily, toting it to your next new apartment in the back of your car. It's great for the nomadic lifestyle of renters.

Details: Made from Medite II, an SCS-certified wood product with no-added formaldehyde and 100% recovered and recycled wood fiber. Available in the six colors shown below. 70 inches high, and each panel is 25 1/2 inches wide. Each shelf is a perfect 14 inches square.

Not only is the clean, modern aesthetic of the Boxer Shelving appealing, but the price is right ($995, not bad.) and the design is supercalafragalistic...oh nevermind. ...espialadocious!

(images from design public)