John Derian

I've written about John Derian a few times already, but for some reason, I'm always lured back to his beautiful designs. I love his latest collections, especially the nautical, coral, and shell motifs that he's working with lately. To me, he can do no wrong. I think a room peppered with a few of his plates arranged around a mirror would lend vintage charm without looking dated, especially since his designs are uniquely modern and can easily blend in a number of decors from traditional to modern. If I could describe John Derian in one word, Paris. His work reminds me of everything I love about the city of lights, the new merging with the old to create this feeling of being locked in time while yet moving forward, almost surreal in a sense. Historical, nostagic, relaxed, antique. That is what his collaged beauties call to mind. Also, the greatness that lies in imperfection. Not that his designs are imperfect at all, but they certainly aren't this clean minimalist chic that we're seeing so much of lately in design. From paperweights to plates and platters, John Derian offers so much beauty, beauty that isn't defined by time or trend, but will simply always maintain an appeal, a charm, a glory that will never fade.

(images from john derian)