coffee + cre8tive {july 7 '06}

Meet Pooh. Yes, he's worn and I'm guessing about 30 years old (which in bear years, that's pretty ancient), but he sticks by me and for that, I owe him big time. He's walked the road of life near me, always by my side ever since my father gave him to me in my crib. With a bright red smile that is about to peel off and matted fur, his eternal optimism inspires me to keep pushing ahead even on days when I feel like my spirit is matted and my smile is about to peel off, too.

Sometimes we need to look backwards to be able to look ahead. That is what Pooh does for me. When I'm stuck in a creative rut, I glance over at him and remember that I was once very small and at the beginning of life and now, so many years later, I'm still here with good health, my family, and all the things in life that I need. The extras are just that, a bonus. Unplanned success along the way.

Life is good. Sometimes you only need a weathered little teddy bear to remind you of that.

What object in your home pulls you back to center?

(photograph copyright decor8 2006)