Sorta Open Thread: Project Runway, etc.

This is somewhat of an open thread. You are free to talk about anything you want, but I'd love it if you guys would open up on your thoughts about Project Runway last night. Do you think season 3 will bring it like season 2 did? Did you like Vincent's hat? Who is your favorite so far? Who do you think totally stepped up last night and pulled off the best design for the runway?

[My PR notebook: I loved Uli and Alison. Uli because I like her personal style and use of color, plus she's German so I dig the accent and I'm thoroughly interested in seeing how she brings her German upbringing into her design approach as the weeks roll by. I adore Alison, her personal style is just great. I love love love her clothes and so far, she is my favorite based on her designs alone. Malan was a tad unique to put it nicely. Do you think his accent was real? I loved how he plucked the flowers in the room stating that it was bad feng shui and how he hated using the fabric from the room because he only works with quality textiles. Pahleese dude. Laura (the architect) was totally cool, I liked her comment about how having 5 kids and being 42 is a slippery slope towards owning a mini van - or something like that. It was just cute. She was totally cool though and I thought her coat was totally her. When I saw that Kate Spade was one of the guest judges, I knew that Laura's coat and Keith's dress would score huge with her. I think it was good that Stacy ended her PR days early, if she had to go through the entire season hand sewing everything, I think she'd always be behind on her projects and end up having to sacrifice style to save time. I like Jeffrey, but I'm willing to take a risk and say he's not going to win this season. Keith deserved to win, he stuck to his vision despite what Tim had to say. I respect that. But, I do have a question... Do you REALLY think that was the first dress he's ever made? I would think all of them prepped for the show at home...]

(image from repro depot, sewing supplies in white.)